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What to Expect When Visiting an Optometrist With Children

My name is Mallory. I am a stay-at-home mom with four children ranging in age from 1 to 8. I decided to create this website because, while I myself have been to an optometrist, I didn't know what the experience would be like when I had to take my oldest daughter. Through this website, I hope to educate other parents on topics about what to expect, how to calm your child's fears and what the experience is like from a child's perspective. If your child is going to their first optometrist appointment in the near future, I hope my website proves useful to you.


Four Tips on Preparing for Cataract Removal Surgery

24 June 2024
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Cataract removal surgery is a common and generally safe procedure that can significantly improve your quality of life. By adequately preparing for the surgery, you can help ensure a smooth process and a quick recovery. Here are four essential tips to help you get ready for your cataract removal surgery. Consult With Your Ophthalmologist The first and most crucial step in preparing for cataract removal surgery is to consult with your ophthalmologist. Read More …