Picking Out The Best Eyeglasses For Your Busy Lifestyle

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Picking Out The Best Eyeglasses For Your Busy Lifestyle

7 March 2016
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Glasses and activity don't seem to go hand-in-hand. You have to worry about your glasses slipping down your nose or fogging up when you walk inside from the cool winter weather. If you are an active person and you don't like to wear contacts, you need to make sure you choose eye wear that is versatile, lightweight, and provides a firm fit on your face so you can lead your active life without always having to readjust your glasses. Here are tips to help you pick the best eyeglasses for your busy lifestyle.

Pick the right lenses

You need to think about your lenses when you choose your glasses. Your lenses should be scratch-proof and have an anti-glare coating to help prevent lighting from the sun or bright rooms from imposing on how well you see. Lenses can even be coated to prevent fogging when moving from indoor to outdoor temperatures. If you are worried about your glasses being heavy or you have a higher prescription (which leads to thicker lenses), you may want to choose a lightweight variety, such as plastic. Some optometrists even feature lenses that prevent glare from night-time driving so you can have a safer experience on the road if you travel often for work. Talk to your optometrist about the best lenses for your needs.

What to think of with your frames

Plastic frames are typically lighter than their metal counterparts but may offer less grip for your face due to a lack of a nose piece. You can remedy this by choosing a pair of plastic frames with a bridge length that matches your natural bridge to give you better grip to prevent slipping. If you don't want heavy glasses, but you prefer metal frames, opt for half-frames that don't cover the entire lens to give you the firm hold you need without the excess weight. This way, you can run, jog, and do other activities without having to constantly move your frames back into their proper position.

If you need to wear glasses all the time and have a job where safety is an issue, you may want to talk to talk to your optometrist about getting lenses placed into safety glasses. Lenses can be fit into goggles, safety glasses, and even underwater eye wear for visibility no matter what you are doing.

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