Using Contact Lenses For The First Time

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Using Contact Lenses For The First Time

25 February 2021
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If you regularly wear eyeglasses and you have decided you would like to try wearing contact lenses, you are likely wondering what the process is when you go to an eye care center for an examination and what happens when you obtain the lenses for everyday wear. Contact lenses give you the opportunity to have an unobstructed view while allowing your facial features to be seen without restriction. Here is what to expect during your appointment and how to care for your new lenses.

What Happens During Your Appointment

When you make an appointment at an eye care center, you will first have a series of tests conducted to check on the overall health of your eyes. These are non-invasive and only take a few moments of your time. If your eyes are deemed as healthy, your optometrist will go ahead and measure your irises so your new contact lenses remain in place and do not shift as you blink. This is also a non-invasive test where you look into a machine for a few seconds while measurements are taken. Afterward, your prescription strength is determined using traditional eye charts and panes of glass to sharpen images as needed.

New Lens Types Are Discussed And Tried On

Your optometrist will make recommendations regarding the brand and type of contact lenses that will suit your needs best. You do have the opportunity to select colored contact lenses if you desire. If you intend on wearing contact lenses often, your optometrist may recommend daily wear lenses, which you throw away after each use or on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. If you have astigmatism, there are brands available that treat this condition. After a brand and type are agreed upon, you are presented with a trial pair of lenses to try on in the office. Your optometrist will check that they fit your eyes correctly and that they improve your vision properly.

Contact Lens Care Is Provided

When your trial pair of lenses is given to you, a staff member will help you learn how to properly handle them and insert them into your eyes. This entails washing your hands well, centering a lens upon your forefinger, and gently positioning it over your eye. Instructions about removing lenses are also given so you feel comfortable with the process. You will need to clean your lenses using a solution each time you take them out of your eyes. This solution can be purchased from the eye care center.