3 Eye Issues You Should Be Concerned About

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3 Eye Issues You Should Be Concerned About

22 July 2021
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The eyes are an organ of the body that people rarely think that much about and more than likely don't get examined yearly like they should. If you are not able to see properly, you should get to the optometrist for an exam and to get corrective lenses as required. If you have other eye issues, you may think they may heal on their own, or you may not go to the optometrist for the issue at all until it's too late and you've damaged your vision. Read on for a few eye issues that you should be concerned about and should go to the eye doctor to have looked into and treated.

1. Eye Sty

A sty in the eye usually forms on the eyelid, but it can actually form beneath the eyelid as well. A sty may feel like a bruise, and it usually accompanies swelling and redness as well. Your sty may end up popping and pus could come out of it. A sty forms from bacteria and is basically an infection of the skin, but it is around the eye. A sty should be treated with eye drops or medicated ointment depending on where it is. You should see your optometrist if you have a sty. One that isn't treated could worsen and harm your vision.

2. Blurry Vision

If you have blurry vision, you should go to the optometrist for an eye exam. Blurry vision that occurs suddenly should be looked into right away, as it could be caused by a medical condition. If you have something in your eye or something harmful splashed in your eye, you need to have your eyes washed out immediately and should also have your vision checked to be sure you didn't cause permanent damage to your eyes.

3. Eye Pain

If you have pain in your eyes, it could simply be a migraine, or you could have pain due to an eye infection. An eye infection sometimes begins as pain in the eye, and your eye can then end up with pus and discharge that is green or yellow colored. If you have this pain and this type of discharge, you could have an eye infection and it should be treated by your optometrist to prevent it from worsening or harming your vision.

If you have any of these eye issues, you should go into an optometry clinic for an eye exam and treatment.