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What to Expect When Visiting an Optometrist With Children

My name is Mallory. I am a stay-at-home mom with four children ranging in age from 1 to 8. I decided to create this website because, while I myself have been to an optometrist, I didn't know what the experience would be like when I had to take my oldest daughter. Through this website, I hope to educate other parents on topics about what to expect, how to calm your child's fears and what the experience is like from a child's perspective. If your child is going to their first optometrist appointment in the near future, I hope my website proves useful to you.


Four Factors To Consider When Having Glasses Made For Your Child

14 April 2016
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If you have found out that your child needs to wear glasses, it is important to take your time when choosing the glasses that you want to have made for your child. Many advancements have been made when it comes to glasses to ensure that they are as durable as they can be, as children can sometimes be rough with them. The following guide walks you through four ways to ensure that your child has glasses that last as long as they possibly can. Read More …

What Is Cataract Surgery? Should I Be Worried?

11 March 2016
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Has your eye doctor suggested that you undergo cataract surgery? If so, you shouldn't be too worried. It is a relatively quick outpatient procedure that is very safe. Of course, many people are understandably worried about any type of surgery in or around their eyes. This article briefly explains what cataract surgery is and what to expect during the procedure. This should help you make the right decision on whether or not it is a surgery you are willing to undergo. Read More …

4 Things To Know Before Lasik Eye Surgery

10 March 2016
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If you have poor eye sight, there is a chance that your eye doctor will suggest lasik eye surgery for correction. Lasik eye surgery is a procedure in which your eye doctor will correct your vision with the use of a laser. The procedure is quick, but takes some time to recover from. If you are thinking about lasik surgery for yourself, here are four things to know: Cost Shouldn't be a Factor: The cost of lasik eye surgery is going to be high, but it shouldn't be a factor in your decision. Read More …

3 Ways To Help Your Child Get Ready For An Eye Exam

9 March 2016
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If your child doesn't seem to see well, then you should take them to see an optometrist. However, it can be hard for your toddler to go see an eye doctor since they don't really understand what is going on. There are some things that you can do to help your toddler get ready for their appointment so that they aren't scared and are ready to cooperate with the doctor. Read More …

What’s Causing Your Eyes To Feel Dry And Itchy?

8 March 2016
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Do your eyes frequently feel dry and scratchy? You don't have to continue suffering through this symptom. Read on to discover common causes for dry, itchy eyes and how to deal with them. Poor indoor air quality How is the air inside your home? Is it dry? Is it full of dust, pet dander, or other allergens? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, you've probably found the reason for your eye dryness. Read More …